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Clash Royale | The FULL Goblin Cage Origin Story! - Who is the Goblin Brawler? | Goblin Clash Story

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The goblin cage is the newest troop in the Clash Royale arena, and supercell has told us a little bit about how the goblin brawler had become trapped inside of his cage. But supercell only told us the ending of the story. And left out some key parts such as why the goblin brawler was put into prison, and most importantly why this goblin is bigger and stronger than all other goblins. So here in todays story I will try to fill in all the holes in the FULL goblin cage’s origin story.
So long before the goblin brawler was ever even put in jail, he was just a regular, good ‘ol greedy goblin. This goblins name was Caige. He grew up just like any other goblin, he attended school, tried to learn english, failed miserably, and resorted to stealing for a living, Caige was even appart of the famous goblin team that stole all the elixir from an elixir collector in the clash of clans village. In fact when he and his team pulled off that huge heist, they got so much respect from all the other goblins in the clash of clans village and clash royale arenas. Unfortunately though, the rest of the troops didn’t seem to have the same level of respect for the goblins. In fact, everyone was so upset and angry about this incident that it gave goblins a really bad stereotype where whenever something went missing, they would immediatly blame the goblins for it, even if they just forgot where they put it.

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Normally this wasnt a problme because, typically things didn’t go missing on their own, and usually it was the goblins fault so they didn’t mind being blamed for them. But then one day, something went missing that the goblins and Caige had absolutely nothing to do with, and yet they still got blamed. What happened was, one day a hog rider went out to to go buy himself a brand new whip, and by whip I mean a new hog. So he left his hog back home, and went out to go to the local hog dealership. After spending hours there looking at all the different kids of hogs, he decided that none of those hogs were for him, so he went back home, but when he got back his hog was gone. He immediatly notified the authorities, and then the authorities went out and arrested all the goblins, including caige. The authrorities then lined up all the goblins and then had the hog rider point and choose which goblin he saw steal his hog. The hog obviously didn’t really know since he never actually saw anyone or any goblin steal his hog. It simply disappeared, but as per usual, the goblins were blamed for the disappearance. Even the goblins thought one of the other goblins stole the hog. So when the hog rider decided to randomnly point at Caige, everyone just believed him without a doubt in their mind. So the authorities escorted Caige away and locked him away in the most secured prison of them all, underneath the clash royale arena. All the other goblins and troops then continued on their way as if nothing happened. Caige was infuriated by what happened. Not just towards the justice system or the other troops, but also towards his fellow goblins, because he was falsely accused and put in prison for the rest of his life for something he didnt do. But more than anything he was mad at the hog rider for lying and putting him in prison, and he vowed to one day make him pay for what he did.

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