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Clash Royale | The Fisherman Origin Story - Who is the Fisherman? | Clash Royale Fisherman Backstory

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The fisherman has finally made it into the world of clash! How he got here we don't know, or at least we didn't until now! Find out the answer to that question, along with many more questions inside of todays Clash Royale origin story of the Fishermans backstory!

Making one of the grandest entrances ever, the fisherman came flying into the clahs royale arena, where he started to beat all the other troops mercilessly with his talking fish. He had shown his face for the first time ever in the clash roayle arenas to warn all of the other troops of an incoming flood. So in today’s story I will explaini my version of who the fisherman was before he made it to the clash royale arena, what caused the massive flood in the arenas, and most importantly why the heck the fisherman has a talking a fish. Find out all of that inside of todays video, the fishermans origin story.

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before the story starts let me tell you some context for todays video.

Our troops inside of clash of clans and clash royale all battle extremely hard for us, they literally put their lives on the line for us, as they rush into battles. Although this is only one side of the troops that we get to see. When theyre not battling to the death, what are they doing? Well one of the things that all of the troops all do in their free time is they recharge for their next battles by sleeping and eating. But one lifelong unanswered question has always been what on earth do our troops eat? Well they get their food from a number of places, and thankfully its not from eating their own hogs. Instead they get all of their fruit and veggies and most meats from a farm not too far away called Hay Day, and then they also get a lot of their food from their fisherman. Some troops are born barbarians, some are born giants, and some troops are born regular villagers who arent meant to fight in the arenas, instead they do regular everyday villager things, like for example fish for food. Now todays story is going to follow around a regular villager who became a fisherman, whos name is Maurice.

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